What We Do


We are a prime manufacturer and exporter of innovative, high quality, fashionable lingerie and a wide range of apparels for adults and children with a strongly established domestic and export market. We produces Brassieres, Panties, Shape wear, Camisoles, Men’s Brief, Polo T-Shirt, Night Wear, Children Wear, Girdles, Petticoats, Outerwear, Sportswear and other apparel and textile products.

Our company designs, and manufactures our products primarily in Malaysia. We has also setup a raw materials procurement centre in China, to source for competitively-priced raw materials. For products made for the local market, it is mainly sold to our related trading company namely Modernform Sdn Bhd and Fong Nyok Lan Sdn Bhd. We also sells our products on consignment or wholesale basis to departmental outlets, general merchandisers, and other general retailers; through our owned specialty stores and directly managed stores; catalog sales; and online stores.

In addition, we can also produce other patterns and designs accordingly and accurately to the requirements of clients provided that there are samples for us to refer. We are actively engaging in exportation to France, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, China, Netherlands, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and etc.