Angsoka Hotel (Nyok Lan Properties Sdn Bhd)



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The word “Angsoka” actually means “Anson Home”.Angsoka Hotel is an orchid class hotel located in the strategic Teluk Intan city center,and surrounded by commercial centers, government units and even the famous Menara Condong of Teluk Intan.
Angsoka Hotel caters friendly hospitality, efficient services and economical rates to visitors from all walks of life. We serve all and want to make each and everyone of our customer feel as comfort as at home.
  • Facilities
    -Seminar Room
    -Diamond Banquet Hall
    -Emerald Banquet Hall
    -24 hour Front Desk
    -Cctv Security Surveilance
    -Free Wifi
    -Free Parking
    -Non Smoking Room
    -Lift Service
    -Swimming Pool
    -Mini Waterpark
    -Scuba Diving
    -Swimming Lesson
  • Nearby Attractions
    -1KM Menara Condong
    -Rapid Mall
    -Sushi Kings
    -Old town White Coffee
    -24 hours Mamak Restaurant
    -Petrol Station’s
So, If you happen to come to Teluk Intan for holiday or even for a business trip, Angsoka Hotel will be here accommodate you and make you feel at home!

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