Our Service


We have a group of experienced designers that continuously creates and researched current fashion of undergarments, women's, men's and children's apparel as well as making predictions of future trends.


We have long-term, close and intensive relations with suppliers of our raw materials. Through our extensive knowledge of the industry and close cooperation with our suppliers, we are able to supply quality-controlled raw materials that will satisfy and meet our customer’s requirements. The quality of the raw material makes the difference in the end product.


For our industrial production, different patterns are made for different size and a marking is made with these different patterns for a large-scale production. Our company has a group of skillful pattern maker also known as markers that makes and creates the pattern using a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) System. With using CAD System, our company is able to performed greater flexibility in pattern designing, grading and marking, reduction in waste percentage, and increase in quality of cutting room and reduction in sample making time. We also use marking machines that are able to perform pattern making more efficiently and effectively.


With our group of experienced workers, we are able to developed many different styles of garments and undergarments aligned with the current fashion trends. Apart from that, our company also takes order from the clients and developed the products according to the styles and requirements of our clients.


Before any production is made, we will make a sample for our buyer according to the requirement that is agreed on. After making a sample, it will be sent to our buyers for approval. If there are parts that the buyers is not satisfied with or if there is any faults, our company will then rectify the faults and after rectifying it we will then sent the sample again to buyers. This process will be repeated until the buyers satisfied with the developments. If it is ok then, then it will be an approved sample.


Our company has enough skillful workers that are able to meet and performed their works on time. We have supervisors and manager that will keep track of the production team daily duties and make sure that the workers meet the company needs.


Our company always ensures that our productions are always of top notch. Each and every garment after sewing passes through the inspection table, where the garments or undergarments are thoroughly and carefully checked to detect or find any defect if present in the garments. The defects may be on variation of measurement, sewing defect, fabric defects, spots and etc. If the defect is possible to overcome, then the garment is sent to the respective person for correction. If the defect is not correctionable, then the garment is separated as wastage. Our company believes in our goal towards ‘Total Buyer Satisfaction” and “Providing the Best” to our clients.


We also provide packing services if it is required by our clients


We provide exportation and shipment to our clients. Our transportation departments always ensure the best as can to deliver the right products to the right destination at the right time by planning ahead and arrange for the best schedule