Our Facilities


We are a vertically Integrated Company, all the processes starting from designing, fabric finishing, embroidery and cut and sew operations are managed in-house which ensures a complete quality control.

To constantly satisfy the ever-changing requirements of our customer, we invested in state-of-art technology and automation as part of our efforts to maintain our competitive advantage. As an integrated undergarments house, the company puts a lot of effort in producing innovative, exotic and fashionable ladies’ lingerie by practicing Total Quality Management and training its 500 employees.

There are many kind of machines to produce the top quality of ladies’ lingerie:

- Single Needle Lockstitcher Machines
- Cutter Machines
- 1 – 2 Needle Overedge Attaching
- Cut / Trimming Cup Machine
- Elastic Machines
-  Dye Cut Machine
- Twin Needle Lockstitcher Machines
- Tagging Machine
- Button Holer Machines
- Mould Cut Machine
- Standard Zig-Zag Stitching Machines
- Cover Waist Elastic Machines
- Ticot Machines
- Lectra Marker
- 3 Step Zig-Zag Stitching Machines
- Covering Elastic Machines
- Interlock Stitch Machine
- Bierrabi Cutting Lace Machines
- Overlock Machines
- Inserting Elastic Machines
- Buttoning Machines
- Grading Machine
- Electronic Control Pattern (Hook)
- Band Knise Machines
- Barracking Machines
- Embroidery Machines